View Full Version : For Sale Pile of LC II and LC III's for sale - West coast of USA

27th August 2010, 09:44
I have various Apple Macintosh LC IIIs and LC II's, all of which have their original apple-firmware SCSI 40 or 80MByte hard drives. They've all been tested by me, cleaned by me, and I'm only asking $10 per machine. I can ship with a PDS ethernet module for an additional $10, either with System 6 or System 7 preinstalled.

27th August 2010, 10:12
Moving this to hardware for sale (rather than wanted) :D
Shame you're in the US, I'd have loved one of these!:thumbsup:

27th August 2010, 19:36
Will any of the network cards work in a IIGS or Quadra 840AV?



27th August 2010, 20:16
@SdG - The PDS cards from the LC III will not work in the Quadra 840AV as it doesn't have any PDS slots. You would need a nubus card to work. However, low end mac says that ethernet is built in on the 840AV and just requires an adapter to use through the AUI-15 port. I cannot confirm the validity of that, but Low End Mac is usually very accurate with their data. You can see more here - http://lowendmac.com/quadra/quadra-840av.html

Sorry for the thread highjack. What is the processors in the LC II's that you have is it the standard 020 at 16MHz?

1st September 2010, 08:05
If anyone's looking for the Apple AUI-15 port to RJ45 adapters, I think I have a few. PM me and I'll search. (Same goes with adapters from AUI->RJ45 or AUI->BNC)

9th September 2010, 15:01
@ SkydivinGirl - PDS slots were only in SE/30 and Colour classic only i think ?


9th September 2010, 15:33
PDS slots existed in many other Macs and were of different kinds (so be careful WHAT you plug in, because some are not electrically compatible even if they are the same size).

Guru Meditation:

Having said that, these LC II/III Macs are really nice and compact. Highly recommended for any collector or Mac-tinkerer.

Speaking of which, if anyone needs Mac RGB to VGA adapters, just PM me.

28th September 2010, 00:13
bump, still available

28th September 2010, 11:56
How much shipping a LCII to Greece would be?

28th September 2010, 18:46
How much would an LCIII to Lairg, Scotland, the UK cost in shipping, with a PDS ethernet module?


2nd October 2010, 13:08
As above post, if you're able to ship to the UK, I'd be interested in an LCIII and ethernet. I can only imagine the shipping will be horribly pricey though. Can you give us a quote?


24th May 2013, 06:58
Do you have any Apple IIe cards? I am getting an LC tomorrow but have no clue whether it will have the card I want.

24th May 2013, 08:26
I'm only looking for a motherboard for LC 475 or LC III, any chance of selling just the motherboard of one of these models?

24th May 2013, 19:52
Do you have any 512kb VRAM SIMM? I'm on a search for it for some time to upgrade my LC020.

24th May 2013, 21:59
Would be interested in 1 or 2 network cards or any cards you may have.

27th May 2013, 04:23
I am interested, does $10 for the machine plust $10 for ethernet include shipping? The description sounds like it does, but want to make sure I am reading it correctly.

27th May 2013, 06:47
2.5 year old thread lolz

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5th June 2013, 11:42
I need a LCIII Motherboard... PM Sent

8th June 2013, 10:57
Interested in a machine if still available, I'm in the UK though so would need a postage quote please.

8th June 2013, 18:28
2.5 year old thread lolz

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That may have been my fault. :whistle: