View Full Version : Closed FS/Trade: 64 MB 72 pin SIMM

7th October 2008, 10:32
I have an extra 64 MB 72 pin SIMM that I'd like to trade for an Amiga 2000 memory expansion.

The SIMM has chips on one side but in two rows, which makes it wider so that it doesn't physically fit into i.e. Blizzard 1230. It does however fit into the SCSI kit, if you got one and the guy, who I bought it from had been using it in Blizzard PPC. I've been using this particular SIMM in my SCSI kit, so it should work.

I'd prefer an even trade, with both parties covering their own mailing costs.

If a suitable trade doesn't come across, I can also consider selling the SIMM. I'd be asking 20 plus shipping. Paypal or EU bank transfer.

14th October 2008, 09:23
I would also be interested in A2620 turbo or GVP Impact Series II SCSI RAM controller in exchange for the SIMM.

Kin Hell
14th October 2008, 10:42
Hi m8y. Grab the A2630 over the A2620 if you can! I know they are both hard to find Items.
The SCSI/Ram expansion would be a cheaper & easier to find solution for you though!
Best of luck either way. :)


14th October 2008, 13:54
A2630 would indeed be nice and for that I might even offer some money between.

20th October 2008, 09:29
I got a turbo separately from Pkillo, but I would still be interested in RAM/SCSI expansion like A2091 or GVP Impact Series II in exchange for the SIMM.

And I can also sell the SIMM directly too.