View Full Version : Sold SS7 ATX FIC PA-2013 Ver2.1 motherboard Bundle

26th December 2016, 00:00
I am reluctantly selling my FIC-PA2013 V2.1 Motherboard (no AGP problems or bugs), along with 128MB ram PC100, backplate, AMD K6-2 350Mhz, Riva TNT2 Ultra AGP from Diamond and a choice of a SB Vibra16 CT2810 or a YMF719 soundcard, both ISA. YMF719 and backplate not on pictures.
All was working correctly yesterday before I disassembled it for storage.
I cannot give warranty due to equipment's age. I accept no returns, and give no refunds on this. Only buy if you understand this.
I will ask for this 65 euros plus postage. I prefer to send over EU our sell locally.
Thanks for watching!


26th December 2016, 09:37
Declaring interest. Sending pm.

29th December 2016, 03:04
Declaring interest. Sending pm.

Payment sent.