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12th January 2017, 06:07
Turtle Beach Audio Advantage PCMCIA sound card + adapter
25000 yen (freeshipping Air Mail with Track number)
Paypal fees included
22000 yen (freeshipping Air Mail with Track number)
Payment Japan Net Bank
http://savepic.ru/12601274m.jpg (http://savepic.ru/12601274.htm)http://savepic.ru/12607418m.jpg (http://savepic.ru/12607418.htm)
http://savepic.ru/12595130m.jpg (http://savepic.ru/12595130.htm)http://savepic.ru/12592058m.jpg (http://savepic.ru/12592058.htm)
http://savepic.ru/12593082m.jpg (http://savepic.ru/12593082.htm)http://savepic.ru/12598202m.jpg (http://savepic.ru/12598202.htm)

280 -> 230 USD
Shipping Air Mail with track number (worldwide) 15 USD

1) In Countries with trackable track number and
about shipping 30-60 days time of delivery (depending on the country)
Payment Paypal + fees
Will shipped on name and payment address Paypal
In note Paypal
Will added description, photos and possible add video
I always make photo 2 sides parcel in Post Office while dispatch
Payment Contact description below

2) In Countries where not trackable , very long shipping or countries is not safe
a) Example
Shipped with track number , always trackable by Russia to border of your Country ,
then not trackable in your country (in your country does not support track number Russian Post)
b) Example
Long shipping South America
I always make photo 2 sides parcel in Post Office while dispatch
Payment Contact in other countries there may be other names (IntelExpress, MoneyPolo or Ria)
Please choose in Contact (https://www.contact-sys.com/en/where/list/0/list/840/0/) your country and city for list banks
Cost fees possible to call and clarify at the bank by phone
For sending payment
Inform the operator in the bank
Recipient of payment Name , City , Country and Phone
For sending payment in bank need your passport
For receiving payment , need number payment from receipt
Desirable in note Payment (tell operator in bank)
add description item which will shipped
Item will shipped on name payment in receipt

3) Your friend from Russia or nearby country send payment and add in note payment
Important add in note payment
a) Name item
Recipient parcel
b) Name
c) Country
d) Address or phone (possible this through forum in PM)

My feedback
positive feedback on auctions (https://meshok.ru/info/255146/salesman)and forums
Additional feedback , photos or questions, please in PM

24th February 2017, 06:35
Cost reduced

23rd April 2017, 10:18
cost reduced

10th July 2017, 06:59
cost reduced