View Full Version : Closed Wanted (UK): 1GB or so 50 pin SCSI drive

9th October 2008, 10:06
Anyone got a spare 50 pin scsi drive of 1GB or thereabouts?


9th October 2008, 10:46
Hiyas m8y,

you know i think i may well have one that needs a good home, I will have to check the storage, alas that means waiting till the weekend, *(sorry about that)* but hey if anyone can fix you up before then well awesome say's I :D

9th October 2008, 14:47
Thank you once again, my hirsute friend :)

My maxtor 540MB has died, which is most distressing. Thankfully my last successful act was to back it up into a hard file on the PC :D

23rd July 2009, 07:25
Hello, I got two scsi 50 pin disk drives, 1 x 2.1GB (don't remember the model but can take a look) and 1 x 4.3GB QUANTUM FIREBALL 4.3S .

Also got some 9.1GB disk drives IBM and QUANTUM but with 68 pin scsi connector. I connected they to the 50 pin controller using simples 68 -> 50 scsi adapters.

All drives are tested and fully working. Take a look on google for the prices because I don't know :)