View Full Version : Wanted Looking for Sonnet or FirmTek Sata PCI Card for Apple/PowerMac...

14th January 2017, 03:04

While these cards are not available, did find a Sonnet dual ATA-133 PCI card that can then be turned to Sata with a cheap inline adapter. These are relatively common. Where there is a will...


Hello! Was referred to this site form Macintosh Garden and am hoping that someone here has one of these cards laying around.

I need either a 2-internal or 4-internal Sata PCI card by Sonnet (like Tempo TSATA) or FirmTek (like the SeriTek/1S2) - please see attached photos. Have tried a few others like Sil-3114/3124 with unsatisfactory results. All reasonable prices considered - just want to make sure the card is in fact working (have some recourse if it gets here D.O.A.).

Thanks so much!

Adam :0)