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14th January 2017, 18:43
this one:


I sold it to Steve, then bought it back, but dont now have the need for it! doh! It is LOVELY tho.

selling at the price I paid steve, 20, cash please. Quite awesome quality, RGB & composite, multiple inputs, 50 and 60hz, PAL/NTSC and sound (I havent tried that but assume it works). Steve reported a possible sync problem but that was just a sync on green setting in the menus.

too precious to ship, so collect from high wycombe OR pickup in person from the cheltonian geekfest in the next weeks.

14th January 2017, 19:36

14th January 2017, 22:08
2nd inline

15th January 2017, 01:01
Kev, If I get this I have a 9" PVM you can have if that's any good


15th January 2017, 11:26
That good of you, but is the 9" you have 250 tv lines not 500 like 14"

whats the picture like on ps2/amiga etc or is it best for dragon/BBC/c64 ?

15th January 2017, 12:33
Lol. They are all 625 line as they produce a full PAL picture, i will bring it to Cheltenham ;)

15th January 2017, 18:02
thats great buddy thanks,

google is my enemy then, i searched for all 9" PVM and they say all are 250 lines except the Hires version which is 450 lines.

what model is it ?


15th January 2017, 19:10
I think you are referring to the tubes dit pitch..
Not sure the model and its a ***** to get at, i will bring it with me to Cheltenham anyway ;)

15th January 2017, 19:54
hi, both the 14" and 9" PVM's Ive seen are of course 625 lines, for pal.

from my testing:

amstrad 6128 rock solid, using external sync option (ie sync on green, picture rolls, as expected as sync isnt connected with my SCART>PVM cable, btw of course you know these broadcast monitors use BNC connectors for RGB and sync so you need a scart<>BNC lead)

MSX rock solid, also as per pic

s-video Atari XL, rock solid

BBC master - mode 7 judders somewhat. it seems quite unforgiving of interlaced, or ive just forgotten what it was like on a CRT or cub! Elite, rock solid. however I tried *tv 255,1 and other modes but i guess the judder is that they are modes that interlace cant be switched off for. see pics and video ive just emailed you bas.

- - - Updated - - -

sardine, dont pass by a 9" PVM :) ive got 2 and they are staying!

I'm sure you'll love it. ask bas to make up a scart cable tho!

15th January 2017, 20:04
I'm sure you'll love it. ask bas to make up a scart cable tho!

^^ what he said :D, does the 9 have an internal speaker ??

15th January 2017, 23:04
I'm sure you'll love it. ask bas to make up a scart cable tho!

^^ what he said :D, does the 9 have an internal speaker ??

Fook, you want a cable AND internal speaker too lol

Yes ;)

16th January 2017, 14:57
You guys got any other "Spare" PVMs laying around ? :D