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18th January 2017, 17:06
Dear all,

After enjoying the Vampire II experience for a short while I decided to focus mainly on my last Amiga machine and let the rest go.
For sale is my last Amiga 600 machine - This one has had its case modified and sprayed white with black keyboard and Individual Computer keycaps.

Case is complete with 2 case badges both of which are also new including 4 new 3M rubber feet / LED board has been modified with ultra bright blue LEDS.

All case screws are intact

The motherboard is rev 1.5 and has had a complete recap - 3 original caps had leaked and damaged the pads - this has been cleaned and repaired with Kynar wire - the 2 SMD caps behind the keyboard connector and 1 under the floppy (reset circuit) 2 behind KB connector have been replaced by radials and secured with hot glue, under the floppy SMD again secured with hot glue in case of accidental movement when making future changes inside.

Mitsumi floppy drive reads and writes perfect.

RF modulator removed and VGA connector put in place.

The following is also included.

Kickstart 3.1 ROM
Amiga 600 manual
Side exit CF IDE board (CF card not included)
Brand new A604n 1mb chip expansion
Brand new Indivision ECS flicker fixer / Scan doubler
Brand new Individual computers RTC pcb
Good reliable PSU
Tank mouse
VGA cable

I will ship to the EU only

Asking price is 339.55 euro + shipping

I will also consider part-ex for the following parts

Mediator 1200 PCI + PCI cards
Indivision AGA mk2 for 1200
Kickstart ROM 3.1 / 3.X for 1200
128MB EDO simm for Blizzard 1230 (need 2)


18th January 2017, 17:07
Interested Will send pm

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18th January 2017, 17:11
Declaring interest, next in line

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18th January 2017, 17:55
pm sent

18th January 2017, 18:55
@karloch - your up - jeancj73 didnt have the items I require.

18th January 2017, 21:19
PM sent

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18th January 2017, 21:57
Pms replied

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19th January 2017, 20:55
Sold to @karloch - awaiting payment

20th January 2017, 19:18
Payment sent

20th January 2017, 21:10
Payment received - will be sent out asap