View Full Version : Wanted Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 Grey version

21st January 2017, 19:37
Hiya folks!

looking to buy my first Sinclair machine and after doing some research I think a grey +2 machine is my best choice. Would like it in really nice condition and fully functioning. With a scart cable would be great and if it had the box even better! And software or other accessories would be fantastic too.

Looking for it shipped to the US.


21st January 2017, 20:07
..if no one can help You - maybe i can..
have one used, perfect working and fully socketed unit here, good (not perfect) condition, without box..
With SCART lead, bug fixed ROM, 120/230V power supply, joystick adaptor (to be able to use kempston type sticks, since Sinclair used they own incompatible standard), kempston joystick and some tapes.
I have also a divIDE interface with housing here, (to use with Hard drive or CF Cards) and huge collection of Spectrum games..
However, You will need to search for a PAL TV or monitor with SCART socket since it is a european and not USA standard..


21st January 2017, 20:16
PAL is no problem as I have multiple 50hz compatible monitors. Most of my 8 and 16 bit retro computers are pal.

21st January 2017, 21:30
i will shoot some pics tomorrow and send a PM.
Are you interested in divIDE too?

21st January 2017, 22:21
Sure. Whatever you are interested in parting with.


22nd January 2017, 10:12
PM was sent, waiting for answer

UPDATE 22.01.17 20:20
The deal wasn't sucsessfull, item sold elsewhere