View Full Version : Closed Amiga Networking

9th October 2008, 20:37

I am trying to get my Towered Amiga 1200 on the internet via my router so I want to buy a PCMCIA 90 degree adapter and then a wired or wireless PCMCIA nwcard to match,

or if you have another way to achieve the same let me know.


10th October 2008, 13:49
as you've towered your machine are you going to put a zorro or PCI bus board in there? for zorro or pci network card...?
if not, then using the PCMCIA port is pretty much your best option.
other idea is clock port, subwayUSB, and USB2lan adapter. but this is very CPU intensive and not what i'd recommend if you have a PCMCIA slot available :)

i have one A1200 with a netgear FA411 100Mbs card using the cnet16.device,
another A1200 with a Greycell2000 10Mbs card using standard cnet device ,
another A1200 with a netgear MA401s 11Mbs wifi card using prism2.device,
and an A600 with a 3com 589 10Mbs using 3c589.device

all work great!

i also have an A500 with a clockport interface, a subwayUSB adapter, and a USB2Lan adapter. but something causes massive cpu interupts and renders the machine almost completely unuseable when connected to the network. and its powered by a 40Mhz 030/882. so for the time being, it works, responds to a ping, can be seen on the network, but you can't do anything else. so not recommended. connects at 100Mbs (but you won't more than 200KBs... :lol: )