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28th January 2017, 21:06
For Sale: Sony Playstation (model 5552) + Analogue Controller + Scart

Please note 1. you will need to supply your 2-pin kettle lead because of the differences in plug standards in Europe and you probably already have one.
Please note 2. The serial port cover is also missing sadly.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I am selling my spare machines. This is for a PAL Sony Playstation model 5552 together with the original Analogue controller and Euro-scart lead. The eject button is a little stiff but works. I assume this is just a lack of use. I believe this has been chipped and can check tomorrow if this is something you're interested in? I've hooked it up to my TV and played through a bit of Final Fantasy VII (not included in sale) to show it working with the official disks.

I'm looking for 20 + PP fees + P&P from Ireland.

Happy to take additional photos on request or answer any questions.

117312 117313 117314 117315 117316

28th January 2017, 23:44
Interested pending questions

29th January 2017, 13:28
On hold for S1eepy :)

7th February 2017, 19:46
Sold to S1eepy.

Hope you enjoy it :thumbsup:

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