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5th February 2017, 12:14
In general
It is an 8-bit ISA-bus plug-in card, which allows the operation of "normal" 16-bit IDE flash modules, such as DOMs and CompactFlash cards in an appropriate adapter. Up to two "drives" can be connected as master and slave.

The detection of the connected storage modules is done fully automatically during booting (there is no BIOS that could be configured).

This special "XTIDE CompactFlash" version does not support real HDDs. (at least I wasn't lucky to do so).

The target system are old ISA-PC / XTs, but the controller can also be used in AT systems.

Who wants to see it in action (german):

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdsUfJHtgN0 - Yesterchips

My offer
- Base-equipped XTIDE controller
- Flashed for PC / XT operation (also runs on AT, see below)
- Basic memory address C800 (can be changed to D800)
- Vertical-mounted IDE-Socket, full-featured 3.5" IDE connector (40-pin)
-> This allows you to connect very space-saving DOMs
-> For this I had to modify the IDE-Socket (see photo)
- Each board is tested for bootability using a reference system (Commodore PC-10 3 (XT))

Price per board (more than one available): 43 Euro

Depends on where you are and what you want

...to germany:
Plus 1,45 Euro (Deutsche Postbrief, within DE) or
Plus 4,99 Euro (DHL insured package, within DE)

Shipping abroad: please inquire

Additional information
Other features
During the boot process you have the possibility to select the boot drive (standard is C:)
- A, B (floppy disk drives)
- C, D (hard disk drives)
- RomBoot (on the FlashROM is still a lot of room. You can store here what you want, a bootable OS, e.g.)
- Boot via serial connection is possible

Additional equipment
On the board are free spaces for the optional equipment (surface-mounted components). These allow the slot-8 compatibility (only necessary if you have 8 ISA slots), the operation of an activity LED and improved reading speed in AT systems (therefore I would advice you to use a 16-bit Multi I/O controller instead of these 8-bit board). The offered boards don't have those optional parts.

Base memoryaddress
If you prefer the base address of the card at D800 instead of C800, just tell me.

Commodore Bridgeboards
The board works with all Commodore Bridgeboards when the dual-ported memory is set to A000 (Janus handler inactive).
And at last: If something is not clear, due to my bad english ( ;) ), just ask!


19th February 2017, 09:41
Still some boards left ;-)

5th March 2017, 14:40