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5th February 2017, 16:02
As new. Only bought a couple weeks ago. Latest version installed. This was an impulse buy for me. It's HDMI out and my TV is CRT so other than using it on my pc monitor it's not much use to me.

Will post pictures later but full specs are here: http://www.armigaproject.com/product/armiga-full-edition/

Cost a lot but it only backs up non copy protected disks which for me is a useless. You can access it easily via ftp which runs constantly so you only have to plug an ethernet cable in and away you go. You can put ADFs on it and it has a 1200 mode.

Huge loss but only looking for 50 as otherwise it's only going to sit here.

UK postage via UPS at 6 altho would need to confirm with your postcode.

Can post worldwide.
Paypal only.


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5th February 2017, 16:07

5th February 2017, 16:22
Declaring interest.

5th February 2017, 16:46
3rd inline. Interested.

5th February 2017, 16:55
2 usb ports. But you can use a powered usb hub to plug more devices into it. Keyboard and mouse and joypads work straight off (plug n play). Not all joypads are supported tho so just have a Google before committing. Their forums are very informative.

It won't boot disks from the drive like a real Amiga (shame). The way it works is you have to perform the backup to adf process then run the adf from its adf loading menu.

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Amiga Forever
5th February 2017, 17:48
declare interested

5th February 2017, 20:25
payement send

5th February 2017, 20:29
Yep. Thanks turican5. I'll do my best to get it posted tomorrow. Cheers fella.

Thanks to the rest for your interest.

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5th February 2017, 20:31
Declaring interest (just in case everyone else passes).

7th February 2017, 20:37
All packed & booked in with DPD, 3-5 days. Will be dropped off tomorrow. Cheers turican5.