View Full Version : Sold Default Sony Playstation + Analogue Controller + Scart (#2)

6th February 2017, 00:04
Please note 1. you will need to supply your 2-pin kettle lead because of the differences in plug standards in Europe and you probably already have one.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I am selling my spare machines. This is for a PAL Sony Playstation model 5552 together with the original Analogue controller and Euro-scart lead with breakout for composite and stereo sound. So you can enjoy your favourite 32-bit games on your HI-FI :D

The Playstation has been chipped and can run back up copies of games. All tested and working perfectly!

I'm looking for (was €25) now €20 + PP fees + P&P from Ireland.

Happy to take additional photos on request or answer any questions.

117642 117664 117662 117661 117663

6th February 2017, 06:29
Interested, PM sent.

6th February 2017, 14:09
PM replied to :thumbsup:

I've also added more pictures. According to the sticker on the base it should be fine at 220V :)

6th February 2017, 19:41
Sorry, just to make clear, this is another Playstation than my other listing. I somehow managed to end up with 4 of the blighters in my collection so time to send a couple back out into the wild :)

6th February 2017, 21:40
Interest withdrawn.

8th February 2017, 21:20
Price reduced to €20

9th February 2017, 12:55
Interested! Sending PM

9th February 2017, 19:04
PM replied to :thumbsup:

9th February 2017, 23:40
Interest declared, next in line. ☺

10th February 2017, 23:27
Sold to amigean :thumbsup:

11th February 2017, 17:02
Posted today. PM'd with tracking information :thumbsup: