View Full Version : Sold New in box NanoPEB + 256MB refurbished CF card for the Ti99/4a

11th February 2017, 21:27
For Sale: NanoPEB + 256MB refurbished CF card for the Ti99/4a

This is for a new NanoPEB. I bought a load of these a few years ago with some friends and ended up with one left over which has been sitting there doing nothing so time to send it out into the wild. It comes with a 256MB refurbished CF card for you to load games onto. The NanoPEB adds 32k of memory, contains an RS232 serial interface and emulates 3 floppy drives.

Additional information can be found here:

I can't remember how much I paid for it so I am basing it on how much StarGames Belgium site is listing them for.

Looking for 79 + P&P + PP fees.

I will of course plug it in and test the floppy emulation before sending the card.


11th February 2017, 21:35
Interested, sir-beaker.
PM on the way.

Edit: Just going to finish watching the Terry Pratchett Documentary, then I will PM you.

11th February 2017, 21:41
Oh crap, I forgot that was on! Thanks for the heads up :thumbsup: I loved his books growing up :)

11th February 2017, 22:06
That was great, and damn emotional. Paul Kaye was great, and you could feel Terry was there in the documentary.
PM on the way, then finish the night with a bit of Young Montalbano.

11th February 2017, 23:13
PM replied to :thumbsup:

12th February 2017, 19:51
Sold to Retro_Lover :thumbsup:

I stuck it on my Ti99/4a to make sure it works before sending it tomorrow. Took some pictures of it displayed in the boot screen, and the listing on the card where there are 2 volumes, and vol 1 is also duplicated in the last slot in case the one in volume 1 ever becomes corrupted :) FYI, you will need a 5V center positive power supply. I used the one for my Oric 1 which I also use on the HxC. It doesn't need to be too beefy, the one I use is only rated to 1A.

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