View Full Version : Sold Picasso IV RTG for Amiga 2000,3000,4000 with Pablo and Paloma cards

14th February 2017, 17:15
UPDATED added Image of Picasso 4 Information program results, updated Hires images and adjusted price in line with others sold.

I am selling my Picasso 4 RTG card with extras to fund my Amiga collection improvements.

It is a Picasso IV revision v1.2 and is fully working as can be seen by the pictures.

I am selling complete with a Paloma video tuner card and Pablo video encoder already fitted, I do not want to break this lot up so it will sell to the first person who offers to by complete, please do not ask me to split it up.

Cards will be packaged very well and sent by fast courier depending on location. I will also include installation disks, however they are not originals and sadly I have no original boxes or manuals.

Here is a link to high resolution versions of these pictures. http://www.imica.net/uploaded_files/amiga/picassoImages/picasso4.zip

Happy to answer any questions.

Price 499 (was 549) + Paypal charges + Shipping, I will ship any where and can find a courier to meet speed/cost criteria.
Shipping example, US 28, most parts of Europe 15-25.

Sadly I cannot offer warranty as this is a 20 year old card but as you can see in the first picture it is working nicely on my A3000, please note it needs 020 or higher and at least Workbench/Kickstart 3.0



Question asked to show software showing board, so I have added another photo with the high resolution image below. This shows all Amiga apps showing Picasso IV, I did try running Which Amiga but it just locks machine up. There is however a video link here showing the cable from the TV to the Picasso card and back to screen as well :-)

Hires image 10 link http://www.imica.net/uploaded_files/amiga/picassoImages/10.jpg

Youtube clip showing connection to TV to prove not emulator or another card. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD9H73RBRO0

Hope that helps.

14th February 2017, 21:18
Interested pending questions. Sending PM later when I get home.

15th February 2017, 09:58
PM Answered with more information, note additional information on main post.

17th February 2017, 06:42
Withdraw interest. Thanks for the answers! Good luck with the sale!

18th February 2017, 14:03
Can you please run P4info program from this archive and send the photo of the output window?
It will show detailed information about your card.
Interested if it has most recent chip versions - Bridge 4 and Flicker Fixer 7.

18th February 2017, 22:58
Hi I will do this in the morning. Sorry day got away with me, I will get this sorted hopefully Monday.

20th February 2017, 10:28
I have update the information requested and dropped the price in line with others I have seen.

20th February 2017, 12:00
Thanks for photo.
I confirm my interest in this card.
Will PM tonight.

21st February 2017, 13:47
Next in line Blinky.

21st February 2017, 15:24
Picard has agreed to purchase, just awaiting payment.

21st February 2017, 19:31
Payment made.

21st February 2017, 19:41
Payment has been made, will try and ship tomorrow.

22nd February 2017, 09:19
Package shipped.