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15th February 2017, 18:55
I came across some NOS Acard UW-SCSI to IDE adapters (Model ARS-2000LFS) and thought you might be interested..

Tested working on my Cyberstorm MK3, A3000 SCSI and A590 with Guru ROM.
Read speed on MK3 with my CF card 29MB/s. (marginally faster than 7720UW with same card)

Read before declaring interest:

It does NOT have termination, so use an active terminator or connect it between the controller and another device (had to use active terminator on a3000)
Being a UW-SCSI unit, it has a 68 pin connector. (The adapter is LVD/SE, but has a force SE switch)
Although it works fine on my CS MK3, A3000 and A590, I make no guarantees on compatibility
So far I couldn't make it work on Warp Engine, but I think it would work with my terminated 68p cable like the a3000 did. I just do not dare use force to get out the old cable :)
They are probably less compatible on other controllers than the 7720UW model. But in addition to CS MK3/PPC I expect them to at least work on other cards with Guru ROMs.
Updated: Read configuration in HDToolbox works with HDDs (See image 4), but like some other scsi-ide bridges it doesn't always read CF correctly. (Depending on CF card)
But when prepped (By typing in drive geometry manually, or prepping in WinUAE or other amiga) it is working fine.

Price: 65 EUR plus shipping (Was 70)
Please pay in EUR so paypal cannot steal money when changing currency.
Buyer pays fees.

Available: 0 (Was 7)

Sold / Reserved
Whaka (1 unit, sent)
Rotzloeffel (2 units, sent)
DaJimbo (2 units, sent)
Torncore (1 unit, sent)
Milo (1 unit, sent)

Shipping costs
As untracked letter (your risk): Europe 13 EUR, World 15 EUR
As tracked package (Shared risk): World 32 EUR
Without the original packaging, I can also send as registered letter (max 2 cm) for 21 EUR (World).
The two last pics show how it would be inside envelope. Manual (Thick, 46 pages) covers component side, other sides are metal and should be fine.

118067 118066 118069 118074118077118076

15th February 2017, 19:46
Interested pending questions. Sending PM later.

15th February 2017, 19:58
Interested pending question.

15th February 2017, 20:12
Withdraw interest. Sorry, didn't see the model number until I looked closely at the picture. This one isn't compatible with my controller. Good luck with the sale!

15th February 2017, 20:13
it's Acard ARS-2000LFS

16th February 2017, 06:50
interested for one, sending pm with question.

16th February 2017, 10:37
PM replied to Whaka.
No PM received from Candyman.

Pgovotsos: Which controller do you have?

16th February 2017, 11:53
payment sent :)

16th February 2017, 13:33
Interested in 2 ! PM on the way!

16th February 2017, 20:14

16th February 2017, 20:41
Interested in one.

16th February 2017, 20:42
Interested in one

16th February 2017, 21:21
PM sent to daJimbo, Milo and Torncore. Edit: And rotzloeffel!
Torncore is first in line for the last one if Candyman stays silent 24hrs from my PM (8hrs ago).

I'll update payment and shipment status in the first post. Hopefully I can send all of them together tomorrow.

17th February 2017, 06:39
Did you read my interesst ? one post before Dajimbo ?

17th February 2017, 08:31
Yes, did you not get my PM?
You'll get two, as I've written in PM and in the first post.
(Edit: Just forgot to write in the thread that i sent you a PM)

17th February 2017, 09:25
Yes, did you not get my PM?

YES... Sorry! Will do payment today!

17th February 2017, 10:00
Money received from rotzloeffel.
PM received and replied to Candyman. (He will decide today)

To those who haven't paid yet:
It seems paypal now defaults to pay in local currency.
(My PRIMARY currency is EUR, and I don't even have a NOK paypal balance/account!)

Please pay in EUR, otherwise paypal applies ridiculous currency conversion rates to steal more money.
(Which even become 2x as I would have to convert back to EUR anyway)


17th February 2017, 10:53
Many thanks to frodegh who has waitend for me.
Unfortunately, after checking, for my setup I've discovered that I would need another adapter (from wide to narrow port) so it's better to leave my booking to torncore.
Thank you anyway.

17th February 2017, 11:53
Payment sent

17th February 2017, 18:30
All 7 units shipped. (updated first post)

19th February 2017, 01:39
Got it working in my A3000 by the way, using a 68p SCSI cable with terminator.
I would try with that cable on the Warp Engine as well, if the 50p SCSI cable would not have been so stuck..

Please let me know in this thread how you guys get on, which controllers you can make it work with, etc.

I can get more of these if there is interest. Let me know.

24th February 2017, 11:51
received today, work fine... this adapter seems have been made specially for the 3000D with CS MkIII !
edit : feedback send :)

2nd March 2017, 20:13
Came yesterday, looks undamaged, lacking HW to test at the moment, but I assume it has to work fine :)
Thanks! Feedback left

6th March 2017, 23:53
Feedback returned to Whaka and Torncore.
I hope everyone else also received their packages?

27th March 2017, 19:01
Hope everyone received their adapters!
I'd appreciate some info if you made it work (or not) on other controllers.
Feedback submitted for Dajimbo, Milo and Rotzloeffel :)