View Full Version : For Sale Canopus editing card and software collection

20th February 2017, 10:35
Offered here is a batch of Canopus editing cards and software (what is left of my small Canopus dealership about a decade ago).


Included is at least EZDV, DV Raptor, DV Raptor-RT and back then highly sought after professional betacam YUV component output card for Storm-RT.

Software includes at least Edius 1.0, Raptor Edit and Xplode software. Please note that some of the software may require registration or activation, which I can not say for certain if any of the products requiring communication with OEM are still valid to activate. At least some of the software should work right out of the box.

A working DV editing bundle or two should be possible to make from these items.

Asking 90 eur including shipping to Europe.