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25th February 2017, 14:06
I'm selling on a Vectrex as per pics. 250 paypal gift for the lot, Uk only, prefer pickup from high wycombe OR at the cheltenham geekfest in march. Courier would be extra but really dont want to be considering that at this point.

-Has a special removable /peelable skin in the theme of YASI (yet another space invaders). will provide the backing so you can take it off /reapply.

-inc the official YASI screen plastic overlay (will not find elsewhere)

inc Vecflash cart /games menu cart! (no bin files inc for site rules, though I will provide the exe to pack the bins, homebrew etc into a menu)

I might have some official overlays to include, TBC, would be free to the buyer, if they are located.

- a 2nd / spare controller, tatty, but you can sell that on simply.

if you know what a vectrex is, it is ACE! as well as easily the best asteroids (vector drawn rockaroids, rockaroids remix etc, its suprisingly capable at raster style games. YASI is the best space invaders I have EVER played.


ease of sale will factor so dont be upset if i go with in-person pickup or dont sell at all, it has to arrive in one piece. Will list elsewhere and will add more in-game pics shortly



25th February 2017, 17:24
Interested - pm on the way

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25th February 2017, 17:32
Wow thats really nice,

and is that Thrust as in the C64 version, one of my Favourite games :)

25th February 2017, 17:35
yep its thrust, and as in the BBC version ! :)

Dean, its yours, bring cash please and I'll see you then. I'll be at the geekfest around 11am sat am I think. Lovely job, so glad it'll get to its new home this way. I'm not happy its going *at all*, its a gem, but needs must...I must be strong :(

25th February 2017, 18:07
Will do! Can't wait to see this beauty 🤤

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25th February 2017, 20:02
Bugger missed it , Interested next in line (but I can't see dean passing on this :p )

7th March 2017, 16:52
Great to meet you at Geekfest Iain and thanks for bringing this amazing system with you. Feedback left.

Best regards,