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5th September 2010, 10:22
Hi all,

I have an original copy of Substation for the Atari STE. This was one of the latest ever games released on the Atari.

The game was released through 16/32 Systems here in the UK.

Excellent condition, I would like 7 for this game.

P&P is the UK is free.
P&P to Europe is 2.90.
P&P anywhere else is 5.90.

Thanks for looking :)

Title: Substation
Publisher: Unique Development Sweden
Platform: Atari STE
Genre: First person shooter
Date of release: 1994
Condition: Excellent
Boxed: Didn't come boxed originally
Instructions: Yes
Complete: Yes


This is a FPS shooter for the Atari ST(E). The game has no texturemapping but instead ground-shaded walls. The game features the STE enhanced sound chip for the sound effects.

The story in short centres around an underwater base taken over by aliens. You have to enter the game as a marine and investigate what has happened down there.

The game also supports multiplayer with multiple Ataris connected via the Midi-port.


28th October 2010, 00:06
This has since been sold outside this forum - thank you.

28th October 2010, 00:09
No problem.

Thanks for the update.

Dave G :cool: