View Full Version : Closed WarpEngine 3040

12th October 2008, 22:14
Seems as though mine has just died :-(

Looking for another.

Kin Hell
14th October 2008, 17:48
I took Liberty of editing your title. The reason for this is simple. MacroSystems never made an 030 Warp engine. All warp engines were 040 CPU's in either 28, 33 or 40Mhz Flavours! :wink:


*edit* How do you know it's the card that's died? Any obvious symptoms? It could be just a burnt out CPU? Post it to me with Return Postage if you want a second opinion or drop me a PM to discuss a possible remote fix! :wink:

*2nd edit* I owe you an Apology Alan. My bad! :oops: