View Full Version : Wanted ADB cable for keyboard, ADB mouse and ~80mb scsi hdd for Macintosh

31st March 2017, 21:18
I just got Apple Macintosh performa 400 that is missing parts mentioned in the title. So I'm searching for these items. Also I would like to find adapter to get vga monitor working with this computer.

No longer needed

1st April 2017, 06:31
For the ADB cable, just purchase a S-Video cable from retail stores, exactly the same sockets and pinout! Ebay has plenty of VGA adapters for older Macs, just make sure you get one with the microswitches, as many monitors require different settings to cooperate properly.
If you can't find ADB mice here, ebay has plenty of those too, you can also find ADB trackballs and touchpads as mouse replacements.

2nd April 2017, 09:09
I have this