View Full Version : Found FOUND: Want: TBC for Toaster 2000 system.

13th October 2008, 16:09
EDIT: I got a TBC-IV from E-Bay. Just waiting for it to get here now. More than I wanted to spend, but oh well. One problem solved, a few more to go.

I am need of a TBC for my Toaster 2000 system. Money is very tight and the price has to be right. I don't care if it is DPS, GVP or Kithen Sync, just has to work and have all parts and manual/drivers. I think the GVP might be best, as they are the only company still in business, but whatever. I am using consumer equipment, not broadcast equipment.


13th October 2008, 20:11
Hi Derek,

To assist fellow Amibay members, could you please edit your profile to show your location? It helps whan working out shipping costs.



13th October 2008, 21:36
OOPs. Sorry about that. :oops: