View Full Version : Special present for Zetro :)

14th October 2008, 07:14
Here are some pics of my recent hardware mod:
[attachment=3:3hge57sc]cd inst 1.jpg[/attachment:3hge57sc]
[attachment=2:3hge57sc]cd isnt 2.jpg[/attachment:3hge57sc]
[attachment=1:3hge57sc]cd inst 3.jpg[/attachment:3hge57sc]
[attachment=0:3hge57sc]cd inst 6.jpg[/attachment:3hge57sc]

Hope you enjoy 8)

14th October 2008, 07:15
And the last one
[attachment=0:10u30rzh]cd inst 5.jpg[/attachment:10u30rzh]

14th October 2008, 09:48
A most gracious thank you!!!!

I have to admit, I just love well made hardware pr0n with my morning coffee :D

A very nicely rendered mod indeed Cooyaapjm, and one most certainly to be proud of :D :D

14th October 2008, 14:16
Looks good.

How did you fix the drive to the Amiga?

14th October 2008, 23:09
at the moment it's held in by a rubber foot attached to the PCMCIA connector and velcoed to the bottom case lip. as i wanted to make sure i could remove it incase i need to access the ide connector. And to test it before fixing it permanantly. which is a good thing as i need to file the bottom case a little as the door clips the edge when closing.

17th November 2008, 15:26
I'm also currently performing the same upgrade to my A1200. I've had the whole thing setup and working with a DVD/CD-RW drive for a while now and it works fine, but I've yet mounted the drive inside the case. The ribbon cable is currently going out of the case with the drive sitting on the table to the left of the Amiga. I'm glad I hadn't mounted it yet actually as I decided the original CD-Rom drive was too noisy and had a dead laptop with a DVD-Rom/CD-RW combo drive in it, so took that apart and swapped them over. And it's much quieter and seems to access disks a bit faster even though the 24x read speed is the same as the other unit.

I'm also thinking of using a sticky Velcro solution so the drive can easily be removed at a later date if needed. Although I'm also looking into mounting it with screws and risers if possible for a more professional result. I would need to customise some risers for this to get the drive to the level and position required. I have quite a few spare bits and bobs though so am going to do some measuring and experimenting this week to try and design a solution. Once it's sorted out I will post some pictures.