View Full Version : Wanted ADB mouse and keyboard

20th April 2017, 17:55
I never could try my Mac SE/030 because I've got no keyboard nor mouse !
All propositions considered, especially cheap ones ;-)

21st April 2017, 19:45
I've an Apple ADB mouse, which is functional. Not mint, a bit yellowed. I can part with it for 20 Euros including regular shipping to Belgium.


This is an offer to cover your need, so people asking me to sell it elsewhere, please don't bother. Thanks!

12th September 2017, 00:17
I've got two 3rd party unused (One was only used for testing if it worked) one button adb mouse very much like that standard apple mouse up there. 20 + S&H + PP Fees / each (if you bought the two, then ofc, fees and s&h would be combined).

12th September 2017, 19:02

i've just listed on t'other bay 2 adp keyboards and 2 mice (Ive used with GS so one mouse is square, on the later bus mouse), plus a cable. i dont want to split, but the lot if I can get 30 gbp plus post, ping me. do it soon.

oooh what a response from amibayers, arent we all good. :)

20th September 2017, 11:06
I have Apple Keyboard II (QWERTY) with cable in decent condition. 29 EUR plus shipping which should be below 10 EUR.

20th September 2017, 15:23
my offer withdrawn, no response, nada

30th December 2017, 18:54
I have this mouse:


and its keyboard elsewhere, but i don't know if it is what you are looking for...