View Full Version : For Sale Amiga hardware and peripherals for sale

25th June 2017, 12:43
All prices are + postage.

A1200, Recapped June 2017, 4GB CF, not whitened and hardly yellowed - 180 sold pending payment

A500 + 512K RAM expansion, very yellow - 50

RGB Scart cable 10
A500 power supply 10
A1200 power supply 10
Bug joystick 10
Workbench 3.1 disks 5 - sold to timtheloon

25th June 2017, 12:44
Interested in workbench 3.1 disks 5

Can you post pictures

PM Sent

25th June 2017, 12:49
Everything - https://www.dropbox.com/s/nsmnq7cei18bsjl/2017-06-24%2018.07.41.jpg?dl=0
The workbench disks are these - http://amigakit.leamancomputing.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=1211

25th June 2017, 13:37
Interested in A1200. Pm sent

25th June 2017, 21:47
Payment sent for workbench 3.1

26th June 2017, 09:59
Interested in A1200 PSU. Would you know postage to the Czech Republic?
A500 PSU is the heavy one? Maybe I would be interested in it as well.

18th November 2017, 15:22
Declaring interest for A500 PSU if still available, pending question about P&P costs, will PM

18th November 2017, 16:23
Interested in the bug joystick. Will send PM