View Full Version : For Sale Amiga 4000 : Spares or Repairs, Complete case, no CPU card

27th June 2017, 12:54
Selling an Amiga 4000 that has had a leaking battery.
I haven't powered on the machine to see if it works; no CPU card present and wouldn't want to cause any more possible damage.
Although there is quite a bit of green corrosion visible, it seems tracks are still intact. You ARE buying a restauration project.

What is included?
A complete case, albeit a yellowed one that could do with a retrobright.
All frontcover clips intact!
Mainboard with Buster 11 and 3.1 Kickstart
FZ357A HD Disk Drive
Optical Drive
HDD brackets (no drive included)
All insulation sheets (between motherboard and case and between hard drive and Zorro extender)
Zorro Extender
Power Supply
All in all a very complete and intact machine.


Asking 350,- excluding shipping and paypal charges when not using gift.

Shipping weight between 10-20KG, choose/calculate your own shipping costs here:

27th June 2017, 13:18
declared interested

Edit: Money sent (with shipping tracking number and insured). Thanks

27th June 2017, 13:45
Declaring interest :)

27th June 2017, 13:53
declaring interest - pm sent

27th June 2017, 14:07
Interested next in line

27th June 2017, 14:34
Just in case: Interested :)

27th June 2017, 15:06
Next in line.

27th June 2017, 19:01
Payment received from Harkonnen75, please mark thread as sold!