View Full Version : Sold Elastic Dreams and UltraConv4 (both also support ppc)

14th September 2010, 11:34

I have these 2 apps for sale:


1. UltraConv4 - 5eur
animation/converting/fx program, CD inserts are in German but it has English/French/Swedish/Denmark and Brazilian language support. It also has ppc support.

2. Elastic Dreams - 5eur
reading from the back of the CD: "the 1st real time morphing program for the amiga [blah blah] 680x0 and ppc version on disk included - 14 special effects for elastic part like waves, twirl, rotate blah blah English/German languages.

Postage is 1eur per item, paypal payment preferred, buyer pays fees.

Thanks for looking! :thumbsup:

14th September 2010, 11:46
Interested, PM sent

14th September 2010, 12:06
PM replied

14th September 2010, 22:44
payment received, postage pending :)

30th September 2010, 13:25
package arrived at destination with one small detail: the items where STOLEN in the post and jackson312 received just an empty opened envelope.... this is sad and low...