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5th July 2017, 19:57
As we had huge interest in this device and just few in stock we decided to start preordr for new batch to satisfy all our customers. Preorder starts today and will end on 19th of July.

CD32 Expansion Slot has been designed specifically for Amiga CD32 and true to its name, provides a way to expand your Amiga’s specs (with devices such as RAM memory expansion, MPEG decoder etc.). The one extra feature of this card is a VGA port (providing standard Amiga 15 kHz RGB signal).


Amiga CD32 compatibility,
182-pin expansion socket for external devices,
VGA connectors (Amiga video signal RGB 15kHz),

To view product at retroami.com.pl and make a preorder click HERE :) (http://retroami.com.pl/index.php?id_product=178&controller=product&id_lang=1)

9th February 2018, 16:21
We have new batch of these devices in stock.