View Full Version : Closed SOLD: Typhoon MKII 68030/40mhz accelerator for A1200 w/FPU

21st October 2008, 18:29
Since I've upgraded, I won't be needing this one it seems.


Great card, ran everything (OS3.9, WHDload, etc) just fine for me. (even played a couple of mp3s with it ;))

32MB SIMM included, math coprocessor installed.

$200 USD, shipped anywhere in the world.

Find out why people ask, "Why have a Blizzard when you can have a Typhoon!"

Kin Hell
21st October 2008, 18:33
Hi tone007,

Your description kinda explains where in the World you are, but AmiBay would appreciate you editing your Profile & entering your Location. Prospective punters will know exactly where you are at a glance.

Best of luck with your sale. Don't see many of these around. :shock:

Kin :D

21st October 2008, 18:37
Silly me.

Bring on the punters! :)

22nd October 2008, 04:59
Noticed I didn't mention this originally, I'd also consider reasonable offers.

22nd October 2008, 11:05
Noticed I didn't mention this originally, I'd also consider reasonable offers.

Hi tone007,

I'm very much interested. :)
Do you know how much shipping to the UK would cost?
Also, would you accept payment by PayPal?


22nd October 2008, 12:44

PayPal is preferred, and shipping price to anywhere would be covered by me.

22nd October 2008, 16:14
ScoobyM has purchased this accelerator, thanks!

Will be shipping today.

28th November 2008, 23:48
A long time coming (work has been ridiculously busy) but the accelerator has been received and fitted. All working properly now. :o)

Thanks tone007.

Kin Hell
29th November 2008, 09:28
Result lads. Nice one! :D