View Full Version : Wanted ADB-mouse and a cable for ADB-keyboard

30th July 2017, 20:56
Looking for an ADB-mouse that I will connect to an old macintosh classic. I have the original keyboard, but no cable between kryboard and computer, so looking for a cable too.
An original mouse would be nice but any will do :)

30th July 2017, 21:36
if you have trouble finding a cable, in a pinch S-Video cables work, they are exactly the same connectors/pin configuration (they are cheap at the dollar/bargain stores here)

31st July 2017, 14:33
Hi! Thank you. Found a cable, now only a mouse is missing :)

12th September 2017, 00:12
Sending PM.

1st December 2017, 14:28
have a mouse please pm if you are still looking.