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16th September 2010, 18:19
Amiga 1200 games

star crusader
super league manager (football)
the shadow of the third moon
the strangers

cd 32 games

arcade pool
brutal fotball
diggers/oscar 3x
emarald mines
john barnes european football
mean arenas
pga european tour (golf)
sensible soccer
the lost vikings
whale's voyage
wembley international soccer
wild cup soccer

amiga disk games
aces of the great war ongebruikt (boxed)
accolade prosport challenge (4games ) (boxed)
advanced destroyer simulator (boxed)
advanced dungeons and dragons
bluu angels formation flight simulation accolade (boxed)
capital punishment
carrier command (disk en cassette) (boxed)
f15 strike eagle 2 (boxed)
fate gates of dawn
firezone (boxed)
hocky league simulator (new) (boxed) (sealed)
megatrveler 1 (boxed)
railroad tycoon 2x
subtrade (New)
thunderhawk (boxed)
warhead (boxed)

amiga 500 1200 apps

3d construction kit (new) (boxed)
amiga text craft plus (boxed)
amiga transformer (boxed)
Amy Resoure europian vol 1 (new)cd
digi view gold video digitizer (incl hardware) (boxed)
Easy Amos (boxed)
Easy amos the creator (boxed)
image vision release 1 (cd box) (new)
superbase (boxed)
Super view Productivity suite 2 (new) cd
showmaker (boxed)
Tv show tm (boxed)
video director (incl Kabel) (boxed)
world of video (nieuw) cd
alle games are good condition and are original

my wanted list

alway looking for action and puzzle games

all Alien breed versions for amiga 500 1200 cd32

amiga os 3.9
amiga os 3.5
Hannah Barbara Animation Workshop
donky kong jr

or swap for some hardware like

A570 CD-Rom
amiga 1200 turbo or memory board

i live in the netherlands

3rd March 2011, 21:54
Also from The Netherlands.

Interested in CD32:
Brutal Football
PGA European Tour
Emerald Mines

Check my swap list in this thread MrX_Cuci (http://amibay.com/showthread.php?t=14084)