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17th September 2010, 02:00
I'm wondering if anyone here has a CP/M system they're willing to let go for something less than eBay price-driver sums of money. Specifically, I'm interested in getting a system that was designed to run CP/M, not one of the assorted home computers that were coerced into doing so with varying degrees of kludgery (i.e. no Apple II expansion card, Commodore 128, TRS-80, etc.) It doesn't necessarily have to be an S-100 system, though that would be cool. Things I'd be looking for:
64KB of RAM (more would be cool, but it's not that important.)
2+ MHz z80 CPU, or at least the ability to upgrade to one with a reasonable amount of effort.
5.25" or 3.5" floppy controller (drives would be nice, but if it's the standard card-edge connector seen in older PCs or the header-pin connector used nowadays, I can supply my own.)
At least one standard (DB25 or DE9) serial port. (Two if it uses a terminal for I/O.)
A hard disk isn't necessary, but I wouldn't complain if one were included :)
Unless it's a system with a built-in or proprietary monitor, I shouldn't need one, as I've got composite and monochrome monitors and a serial terminal on hand, and a CRT would just add to the shipping.

I honestly have no idea what a fair price for such a system would be, since the pricing on eBay is so ridiculous for these kinds of machines, so make me what you feel is a reasonable offer.

18th September 2010, 18:12
I've always been interested in CP/M. I think it really was an amazing OS. :D I have only ever used it on a C128, but I've been thinking about picking up an Epson PX-8 Geneva (http://www.notebooksupplies.com/epson/px8.html) portable computer. They are selling NOS systems for a really good price. It's a CP/M based system so it may do OK, even though it's not using a regular monitor.

Good luck!