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8th August 2017, 22:19
For sale 3 cassettes packs :

- Edition One, 4 games - Double Dragon, Xenon, Silk Worm, Gemini Wing
- Coin Op Hits, 5 games - Out Run, Spy Hunter, Thunder Blade, Road Blasters, Bionic Commando
- Magnificent Seven, 7 games + 1 for free - Wizball, The Great Escape, Short Circuit, Cobra, Arkanoid, Frankie, Head Over Heels, Yie Ar Kung Fu as free

Every game from all packs is tested on real ZX Spectrum and is in good working condition, loading well.

Asking (was 15, later 12) 10 EUR for each pack as a paypal gift + shipping


15th August 2017, 17:56

15th August 2017, 18:56

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16th August 2017, 13:34

2nd September 2017, 22:31
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15th September 2017, 18:06
Sold outside Amibay, this thread can be closed.