View Full Version : Closed looking for someone who can fix my SX64 keyboard

27th August 2017, 17:20
The keyboard of my SX64 is not working properly.
Problem is that the keyboard is not reacting to the keyboard strokes. This seems to be a typical problem for an SX64 and perhaps someone is willing/able to fix it. I don't have the experience to fix it myself.


27th August 2017, 18:00
do a search, the exact service you require was offered here on Amibay....

If I find I will post.

otherwise contact thecorfiot he repaired my non responsive SX64 keyboard.

27th August 2017, 19:30
thx for the feedback.

I've done a search but couldn't find anything.

I've send an email to thecorfiot.

best regards

27th August 2017, 21:11
Give Your keyboard a good clean for the start..
After dismantling take a look on your membrane, i am sure, with a little bit of patience and something like this (http://www.ebay.de/itm/Electric-Paint-10ml-Bare-Conductive-Tube-Stift-leitfahige-Farbe-Leitlack-Farbe-/221695128011) You will be able to fix it.
Some useful info:

27th August 2017, 21:45
that looks like a good goog instruction.

I will give it a try and order the graphite spray.

please can some mod close the thread?

best regards