View Full Version : Wanted ZX Spectrum Games

3rd September 2017, 10:59
Hi I only just back into playing old games again and Id really like to get hold of a large collection of ZX Spectrum games if possible. I dont have a computer either so if you have one great if not no worries.

3rd September 2017, 11:21
I have some games (not a huge collection) and probably a ZX Spectrum 48K I could sell you. You'll probably find one cheaper locally due to the postage costs, but if not, get back to me.


3rd September 2017, 18:17
I have a bundle of games in the loft - do you want me to take a look?

23rd September 2017, 10:29
I have a bundle approx. 180 originals for sale.

Would be looking for 100 plus postage (which shouldn't be more than 10-12 via hermes)