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21st September 2010, 21:09

just to relive my first ever computer - rubbish though it was...

does anyone have a ti99/4 computer lurking in the loft?

extra bits most welcome...

UK please


21st September 2010, 22:10
Rubbish they most certainly were not !!!!

Very brave attempt to utilise one of the first 16bit (internal) CPU's, expensive though as it had to be accompanied by expensive SRAM tried to it's local bus specifically for register storage only:lol:

Besides it utilises one my fave all time VDP chips, the Texas TMS9929, which went on to later fame as part of the MSX spec...as well as the Memotech MTX & Tatung Einsteins.
the 2nd version as used in MSX2 was amazing allowing up to 512 colours with 256K VRAM & used in so many arcade machines of the day...

Anyway back to the topic, and I hope you find what you are after.

TC :cool:

22nd September 2010, 16:25
lol i loved the ti99 and yes it was the first attempt to use a 16bit cpu but...

hope as i did that it would be a success (as a kid) there was not enough ram in the thing, BASIC was soooo slow , extended basic slightly better and the only good software (games!) were on modules.

a few years ago i have a lot of ti99 stuff but sold it all under instruction of my then girl friend - she's gone now :-)

i had...

PEB expansion 5.25 & 3.5 disk drives & two original texas instruments external drives
100 or more modules

and manuals from an ex-programmer who wrote the football game module for texas instruments france in 82.

all gone ....

22nd September 2010, 16:38
It definitely is an interesting design; if only they'd actually put more than 256 bytes of 16-bit RAM in the thing, it could have been a decent contender. Ah well.

18th January 2011, 20:07
the silly thing is that a 32k piggy ram hack came out many years ago that allowed 32k inside the console...very cheaply

I did the hack once on a ti99, then later removed them, i think i still have the bits somewhere...

28th February 2011, 17:00
ive got one but i cant test it as ive not got a psu for it.
do you know of any?

28th February 2011, 17:17
i did make an atx power pack for one but im not sure if it will work properly...

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do you have the tv modulator?

19th May 2011, 17:34
Please close this thread - Ti99 found elsewhere :-)