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25th October 2008, 22:13
Hi il be selling some of my turbo cards as i have no need for them all . I dont have as much time for my amigas these days and have to let some of it go.
I had some spare time the other day and tested and found these items in good workin order, exeption the fast ata as it is to bothersome to remove my romms to install it so sold as is..

1.Blizzard 1230IV with a 32mb simm (no co prosessor) SOLD

2.Blizzard 1230 SCSI module and 128mb ram (can be used in 1240\1260) SOLD

3.BlizzardPPC 603 210/040/40 Nice card hardly used at all comes with 128mb ram Asking price 220 SOLD

4.Blizzard vision for BPPC neat card with mounted heatsinks works great hardly ever used Asking price 80 SOLD

5.Broken? fast ata MK-IV . May be possible to fix it or me doing something wrong but i did not get it to work last time i tried soled as is "maybe a bargin" SOLD

I dont have any pictures at the moment but can take some later (by cellphone) as i can not find my camera ...

All items are in either good or great condition (besides that fast ata) ...

25th October 2008, 23:35
oooh ata mk IV eh ?

needs attention???

sounds like a nice project :) how much for postage my friend?

26th October 2008, 00:05
its included to uk for such a "unknown working item"

Take it you want it ?

26th October 2008, 02:14
Interested in:

3) (does it have SCSI?) and 4) and 5) if Zetro decides against it.

You've got PM!

26th October 2008, 02:37

indeed i do my friend, please pm me how you wish to be paid :)

26th October 2008, 05:40
Hi Adonay,

Please be aware that I'll need to check my finances, so for now I'm just asking questions :)

Does the Blizzard 1230 SCSI module work with all versions of 1230? I've got a mkIV & want to know if it will work.

Also (and probably most importantly), how much for postage to Australia?


26th October 2008, 05:54
I'd like to buy both the 1230 and the SCSI module.

26th October 2008, 16:38
@Zetr0 PM on its way

@Da9000 Sorry mate it does not have scsi and i think Zetr0 want to grab that fast ata.. i have a picture of the cards i can send you if still interested...

First dibbs on scsi i take it then ?

Does the Blizzard 1230 SCSI module work with all versions of 1230 No it does Only work with the 1230 IV #like the one you claim to have :-p #
As for postage to australia i need to check that tomorrrow..

@thijs i may hold off the 1230 for you for now but Fingerlickin_B may buy the scsi because he showed interest first...

26th October 2008, 20:44
Please hold on to the 1230 for me until Fingerlickin_B has made up his mind about the SCSI.

26th October 2008, 23:42
Looks like Thijs is in luck...check out the current conversion rate of the Australian Dollar! It's horrible! :o

Sorry for wasting your time Adonay, I'm now VERY glad I warned you that I wasn't 100% :lol:


Kin Hell
27th October 2008, 00:25
@ Adonay.

Does the BPPC have SCSI? - I could be interested! :wink:

27th October 2008, 00:55
Adonay mentioned above that it doesn't have SCSI.

Kin Hell
27th October 2008, 00:58
Adonay mentioned above that it doesn't have SCSI.

Tbh m8, I kinda skipped through rather briskly.....tsk! :roll:

Thanks for the heads up all the same! :wink:

....Kin disappears for some kip....ZZzz

28th October 2008, 17:24
@Adonay: if da9000 doesnt buy from you...im interested in both card (PPC + BVision)

would you accept PayPal?
would you ship to Argentina?



28th October 2008, 18:24
@Adonay: if da9000 doesnt buy from you...im interested in both card (PPC + BVision)

would you accept PayPal?
would you ship to Argentina?



If da9000 desides not to buy it for some reason, you will ofcource be in the follow up and yes to both questions i will shipp to argentina with out problem and paypal can be used...

29th October 2008, 09:33
All stuff is sold may post more stuff when i get back home..

31st October 2008, 10:18
If you have another blizzard accelerator I'm interested :wink:

31st October 2008, 16:22
Hmmmm almost all my blizzards are gone only one left not sure i will sell that one as i need the scsi.... :mrgreen:

But i considder selling my best card and tower stuff ....

31st October 2008, 17:10
FastATA rocked up today my friend,

Thanks muchly :)

6th November 2008, 20:04
Received the cards today. Haven't had time to try them but they were very well packed and appear to be in fine shape.