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24th September 2010, 09:15
Hi to all,

Sorry, I donīt know if this is the correct Forum....... :roll:

In some days I start my A4000D PC tower project.

The list of my materials are:

- A4000D mobo, refurnished one, 16 MB Fast, 2MB Chip, new caps & battery, working 100%
- ROMīs 3.1
- CyberstormPPC 604e 060/50 233Mhz 128MB
- Mediator 4000D
- Picasso IV
- Voodoo 3 3000 16MB (if Warp3D games run smooth with Picasso, maybe I install a Mobility Radeon 9200/256MB from Elbox for HQ RTG graphics via DVI)
- Forte Media FM801 (also I have Audigy 2)
- ZoRAM 256MB
- FastATA MK-V
- DENEB (PIO mode)
- USB Network adapter
- Two IDE drives 250 & 320GB (PM & SM)
- External USB HDD for backup purpouses.
- Two SCSI-II DVD-RW drives
- Two HD floppys
- ATX PSU 500w (23A on 5v) with adapter cable for mobo, Mediator & PWR switch.
- SCSI cables, adapters & active terminators.
- External HR VGA switch (First I need to test the performance & quality of Picasso IV)
- Chieftec, big tower, PC server case
- Some metal plates & adapters to hand work on the PC case.
- Some Zalman fans
- 23" LG Monitor/TV

Mi Idea is to have a dual system OS 3.9 - OS 4.0.

I'm waiting only to finish my trade about the CSPPC & when received Iīm ready to start the project.

When started I send pics of all, of course.

I very much appreciate any help. :thumbsup:


24th September 2010, 10:30
I'll be very excited to see the pictures! :thumbsup:

27th September 2010, 09:37

Preparing my "tower project" I started some "test".....

I connected the PWR & HD Leds to the mobo & works fine without modifications. :thumbsup:

About the PWR switch.....

I have the adapter cable from Amigakit (includes a standard A4000D switch.).

I'm thinking to make a direct connection to the PWR swtich of the case. Both are simple switch, right? or I need to make modifications before?.....


27th September 2010, 17:00

I'm thinking to make a direct connection to the PWR swtich of the case. Both are simple switch, right? or I need to make modifications before?.....


Depends on the case.

27th September 2010, 18:19

Yes, of course, you're right. :D :Doh: :D

PC switch of my case don't work as desired. So I make a hole in the front (near to the PC switch), to acomodate the A4000D switch. :cool:

Well, is my first A4000D mod & this case is to make my first tests (I have several cases).

When I start my final mod I send pics of all.....


27th September 2010, 19:49
Usually an ATX power supply uses green and black to power it on/off, therefore you could also wire them directly to it, the only thing the switch does is short green and black, so meant as instead of using the atx cable of Amigakit.

5th October 2010, 16:24
Hi guys,

Well, after lot of time speaking about my project (sorry) and bla, bla, bla..... I have bad news (for me of course).

I started yesterday first little mod just to "make" & paint 3.5" facias and modified enclosures for two external FDD drives I want to put inside the tower.

A simple job for all of yours... But, really, I make a "job" like a cow dancing hip-hop in a pottery shop.... :(

So to be honest, I don't have the knowledge, skills & patiente af all people here.

I decide to abandon my project.....:( I start from now to collect "some" bucks to buy one tower ready for A4000D & Mediator......

Sorry & thanks alot to all of yours. :thumbsup:

5th October 2010, 16:28
Sorry to hear that merlinkv, I had the same problem when I tried to fit a HxC into my A600, I used a spare Case but to be honest it was quite a mess :D

I'm sure your project will still be awesome even if you use an aftermarket Amiga case.

Look forward to future updates and keep your chin up :thumbsup:


5th October 2010, 16:41
maybe with some pictures of what you are trying to do we could give you more guidence?

5th October 2010, 16:49
Maybe you need to think some more. You can put a modified pc floppy in perfectly... You could use a tower and just put the complete a4000 in it! Having then the spare slots for SCSI DEVICES, FLOPPY, USB CARD READERS ED..

5th October 2010, 16:58
No dis-assemble! Johnny 5 is alive!

Come on Merlinkv, where's your sense of adventure? :)

You can do it. :thumbsup:

5th October 2010, 17:04
@fitzsteve & juvUK

Well, I self mounted, component by component, hundreds of computers (PC's & Servers), but all components are like "ready" to install, only little modifications are needed.

But to make parts by my self, paint or metal job,..... really, is too much for me.

OK, "No problemo". I will try to find a tower ready to all my components.

In some sites I read about one called "Mirage Pro" but is out of stock. Maybe any of yours knows if other model exists in the "market"?

Is for one A4000D mobo with Mediator 4000D & boards.

Thanks again. :thumbsup:

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Thanks again for your kind words & help. I really very much appreciate, guys :thumbsup:

But no way... :(

Looking the great jobs at this site & "my first little job"..... :(

As I said before..... Not problem. I will take a ready tower and everything will be OK.

Cheers :thumbsup:

5th October 2010, 17:38
probably best if your not confident

starting with little things to gain experience and confidence is best
and posting lots of pics of what u want to do will always help

5th October 2010, 20:36
Yes, cosmicfrog, you're right.

But experience requires time, and I don't have too much time... work, family,.... and I sleep only five housr per day.... Not too much time to gain experience.

Only some days I have time for me and my "projects"....

Is the life.... :)

Maybe I will try again......

6th October 2010, 08:49

This evening/night I will send some pics about my "How to NOT made" job... :(

I don't sleep today trying to make some repairs. Now, the two drvives are mounted and working, not look too bad.... But I think the best is to use two 2.3" to 3.5" adapters with facia (I haven't)....

So, I will continue with the project....

In anyway, I started to search one "ready to install" tower.....

Thanks to all :thumbsup:

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Finally I found & bought on fleaBay three floppy to 3.5" black adapters. Two for use, one to "stock".

I want to use two internal FDDīs & two external FDDīs mounted in the tower.....

6th October 2010, 15:59

I have nw one hour and I take it some pics...

- Dismounted external FDD Amiga original


- Dismounted modified PC FDD. I love this unit because work 100% with NDOS disks and also have a hardware antivirus to control the bootblock of the four FDD's


- A closer view of the two external FDD's mounted in the tower. After my dammed paint job..... :( Also it's possible to see an attempt to made a SCSI CF Reader.

No problem, I bought two black&nice adapters with facia & I'm waiting for a good 3.5" CF to IDE...


More pics in next post.... :(

6th October 2010, 16:11
More pics.....

Inside the tower .....

Notice as a "working test" and I'm using now one Mediator 4000Di not A4000D and one CSMK-II with SCSI, Because I'm out of my country now, and I need to come back & collect alot of items I have at my Dad home..... (Mediator 4000D, PicassoIV, CSPPC 604e -comming-, etc...)

- Inside the tower:


I used medium size & quiet fans to have a good airflow inside, Also I put the PSU in vertical position with the big fan oriented out...

6th October 2010, 16:13
Have you seen the 3.5in CF-IDE that have a black facia?

Or was it you who made that post :oops:

6th October 2010, 16:16

Yes, I ordered three of them.

I'm waiting news

6th October 2010, 16:21
External peripheals & monitor:


Booting & working (AGA):


Cheers :thumbsup:

6th October 2010, 16:21
Nice one. They look like nice units, I might attempt to make a white one for my A1200T.

You build looks good, I don't know what you were worried about :cool:

Keep up the good work.

6th October 2010, 16:40

Well the "painting" job is not good (for me). But as I said, is not a problem. I found/bought good&nice -black- FDD to 3.5" adapters with facia....

Thanks for your kind words m8 :thumbsup:

7th October 2010, 07:01

I'm crossing fingers.... I bought the al. plate for the back of the case & maybe a friend made the "metal" job for me.... Now I only need to complete the design for this mod.... :roll:

More news later.... :D

10th October 2010, 14:05
I ended to bought all "necessary" expansions I want.... (only two smsll pieces are needed, but not a problem for start)

I think the final project start soon.

With the help of all Amibayers, my "dream" is near to be realised.

Thanks :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: