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27th October 2008, 02:31
I'm looking for a busted Turbografx or PC Engine CD drive. It has to have a working control board (i.e. it says "PC" when you try to start a game), but other than that I'm not picky. Hell, you can just send the board.

Kin Hell
27th October 2008, 11:34
This is almost like "mission impossible" eh! :|

Don't suppose you have the interface details to hand?

28th October 2008, 00:51
It pretty much is; no matter what happens I'm planning on just getting a Duo when I have finally have the money. I just wish I could get this thing fixed, or at least return it to the same half-broken state I found it in before I dump it on eGay.

The Turbografx-16 and PC Engine are completely different shapes and have completely different CD interface units. However, the drive that plugs into either interface unit is the same. It's a totally custom interface, completely different from any other drive known to exist (including early external NEC CD drives that look EXACTLY the same!)

Anyway, when I got the TG-CD it wouldn't read CDRs, so I tried adjusting the lens. That didn't work, so I swapped the lens out for another one that was the exact same make/model. This is SUPPOSED to work, but somehow my drive totally died in the process and now doesn't even try to power on. Something has to have gotten messed up on the control board that drives the motor/laser assembly, so I'm looking for another control board from another drive that has something else wrong with it.

8th December 2008, 22:18
Found one and managed to cobble together a working drive!

You guys can close this thread now if you want.

9th December 2008, 00:20

thats GREAT stuff!!

any chance of any pics?