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23rd November 2017, 08:13
BBC Micro Model B, Microvitec CUB 1451 Monitor, Torch Z80 Dual Disk Pack Unit, Z80 "Communicator" Processor Card, Books, ROM Chips

Full BBC Model B Computer, Microvitec CUB 1451 Monitor, Dual Disk Drive Unit and Z80 Co-Processor Card setup with wooden support unit, software, ROM chips and large collection of books manuals and guides. Cleaned inside and out.

Lovely retro setup, good condition. Working. 230 for the whole package.

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LOTS of other Photos can be found in: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ss1impxqb1wy1be/AACTxf_Z40l7gHefkHsHAsJEa?dl=0


Acorn BBC Model B Computer. Good working order, good physical condition. Some yellowing. Powered direct from the double disk drive unit (no internal PSU). Very small crack the thin plastic sheet near the spacebar.
Microvitec CUB 1451 Colour CRT Monitor. Good working order. This is the 653x585 resolution model. Worth 100 on its own.
Torch Z80 Disk Pack, 2 x 5.25" disk drive unit. Disk drives do work, but are intermittent, so these need cleaning and servicing to improve operation. This unit provides power direct to the BBC. PSU fitted with some new capacitors.
Torch Z80 Communicator Card fitted internally within the BBC. Provides a Zilog Z80 Processor and the CPN (CP/M) operating system in addition to the standard Acorn Basic OS.
Wooden desk unit to support the disk drive unit and the monitor over the BBC Computer, which makes it a neat setup which fits together perfectly. All in retro woodgrain chipboard splendour....
Three games on ROM chips, two of which are currently fited

Books, Manuals and Guides



Software included:

Acornsoft Games: Super Invaders (cassette)[
Psion Software: VU File
Acorn starter Disk
Wordwise Plus & Wordaid (ROM chips)
[G-ROM "Snapper" (ROM Chip)
G-ROM "Rocket Raid" (ROM Chip)
BBC Mailist Program (Cassette)

Books and manuals included:

BBC User Guide book
BBC Disc System User Guide
The Advanced user Guide for the BBC Microcomputer
Torch: Programmers Guide
Torch: ZDP User Guide
Torch: Perfect Filter
Torch Perfect Writer & Speller
Torch Perfect Calc

Postage and delivery:

This is a very large and very heavy set up. I do not recommend that it be posted due to damage risk. It would occupy three large boxes and cost a lot to post. I will deliver for free, up to 100 miles from Swansea, South Wales, which includes the following places:

All of South and Mid Wales

Please do not buy this expecting full free delivery to areas outside this distance, unless you can drive to meet at one of the above points

This is a terrific item and I want to make sure it gets to the next owner in good shape.

Over 40 photos of the machine, extras and insides can be found in the link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ss1impxqb1wy1be/AACTxf_Z40l7gHefkHsHAsJEa?dl=0

Thanks for looking

27th November 2017, 23:29
hi, I am interested in purchasing. Can we direct message to discuss details? Thanks. Dan.

28th November 2017, 18:29
Ok, but it is highly unlikely this lot can be posted to the US, if that is where you are based.

29th November 2017, 08:33
Provisionally sold to Austindan

30th November 2017, 13:44
This item is now sold, please close

30th November 2017, 14:45
We dont close until item arrives and feedback is left from both sides