View Full Version : Closed Swap. My Sealed SNES CLASSIC MINI for your NES Classic Mini

30th November 2017, 16:20
As per the thread title, I need a euro/USA version nes mini to complete my collection- straight swap. Yours doesn’t have to be sealed, but must be complete, in great condition with box.


22nd December 2017, 20:50
do u know you can dual boot snes mini for nes mini games and menu?

30th December 2017, 01:15
I am fairly sure he know knows that, however he has stated he wants to complete his collection - to do so he would need the physical NES Classic Mini, not just a way of running NES roms.

30th December 2017, 09:13
Yeah, I'm aware of what the little boxes can do, just wanted a UK NES classic to go with my JAP one. Finally managed to get one yesterday outside Amibay. Please can this be closed now ?