View Full Version : Wanted Ati Radeon X800XT / FireGL X3

5th December 2017, 08:36
Hello everybody :)

I'm looking to upgrade the graphics card on my Powermac. An X800XT Mac edition or a flashed FireGL X3 will do.

Thank you

5th December 2017, 11:41
You can swap the eprom on a FireGL X3 with a larger one and flash the full rom on it. Someone on Mac rumors did it last week. Iíll dig out the thread url for you in a while.

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5th December 2017, 12:03
Thanks, the problem is that i don't have the necessary tools for flashing the card. That's why I need it preflashed; if i have to buy everything from scratch (a pci graphics card, and then the firegl x3) it will be probably more expensive than buying the card alone.

About changing the EEPROM, it's not really necessary for my needs... I'm happy with my 9000PRO, but is a ***** working on any *nix system, and the x800xt will also give a nice boost to my desktop and video playback.