View Full Version : Wanted ZX Spectrum games

24th December 2017, 14:19
Im trying to build up my Spectrum collect back up from scratch so only have a small handful of games.

If anyone has any Spectrum games for sale please let me know.

I know I desperately need JSW 1 & 2 but looking for lots of titles too many to list. If you have a bunch in them old red cases great.

24th December 2017, 14:42
Hi Steven

I have a stack of Spectrum games that could do with some love. I'm Thetford based, so if you are also nearby (Norfolk is a big old county), we could avoid postage.

Will PM you.


18th January 2018, 22:35
Steven, did you still want my bundle that you agreed to buy a few weeks back?? I have messaged you but had no reply