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5th January 2018, 17:08
Selling a boxed example of GURU ROM, including original box and all the documentation that came with it. It seems to be completely unused. Don't have time to set it up and test it but I don't see any reason for it not to work, and also offer a return for the buyer in case it's faulty.

On request I can also include a 6.14 ROM chip of either GVP or C= flavor - buyer's choice.

Asking 120 110 + shipping + fees. Unregistered shipping (at buyer's risk, no compensation for lost parcel) is 9.20 and registered shipping is 17 anywhere in the world.

Also sold elsewhere.

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7th January 2018, 14:02
Lower price.

7th January 2018, 15:14
Interested. PM sent.

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Payment sent.

7th January 2018, 15:27
Interested. PM sent.

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Payment sent.

Payment received. cє<

21st January 2018, 02:36
Received today well packed and in great shape; already installed and in play. Thanks again.