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7th January 2018, 21:42
For Sale: NOS Acard UW-SCSI to IDE adapters (Model ARS-2000LFS)

Tested working on my Cyberstorm MK3, A3000 SCSI and A590 with Guru ROM.
Read speed on MK3 with my CF card 29MB/s. (marginally faster than 7720UW with same card)

Read before declaring interest:

It does NOT have termination, so use an active terminator or connect it between the controller and another device
Being a UW-SCSI unit, it has a 68 pin connector. (The adapter is LVD/SE, but has a force SE switch)
It works fine on my CS MK3, A3000 and A590 (Guru ROM), but I make no guarantees on compatibility. It's probably less compatible than the expensive 7720UW model.
I've used 68p SCSI cables with active terminators and 68-50p adapters for A3000 and A590. Not sure if it works the other way (50p cable with adapter to 68p) I had one go with a 50p cable on a Warp Engine but I was unsuccessful, and unable to test wth a 68p cable at the time.
Read configuration in HDToolbox works with HDDs (See image 4), but like some other scsi-ide bridges it doesn't always read CF correctly. (Depending on CF card)
But when prepped (By typing in drive geometry manually, or prepping in WinUAE or other amiga) it is working fine.

Price: 65 EUR plus shipping
Note: Please pay in EUR. (My local currency NOK might come up as default, please change it to EUR)
Buyer pays fees.

Available: 0 units (Was 10)

1 - Lord - sent (untracked)
2 - Patrikax - sent (untracked)
2 - Maikt - sent (tracked package)
1 - BULI - sent (registered letter)
1 - Sveta - sent (untracked)
1 - Nobodyii - sent (registered letter)
1 - BlindGerman - sent (registered letter)
1 - Timmie - sent (untracked)

Next in Line:
1 - Raketa

Shipping costs
As untracked letter (your risk): Europe 13 EUR, World 15 EUR
As tracked package (Shared risk): World 32 EUR
Without the original packaging, I can also send as registered letter (max 2 cm) for 21 EUR (World).
The two last pics show how it would be inside envelope. Manual (Thick, 46 pages) covers component side, other sides are metal and should be fine.

130265 130266 130267 130268 130269 130270

8th January 2018, 00:52
one for me please, send me a pm with details

8th January 2018, 02:03
Interested in three please.

8th January 2018, 03:56
PM sent to Lord and Patrikax

8th January 2018, 06:05
Interested in 2 adapters, sent PM.

8th January 2018, 07:10

8th January 2018, 08:37
Declaring interest in 1 piece.

8th January 2018, 09:05
Interested in one

8th January 2018, 09:15

Interest for one. Thanks. PM.

Regards, Sveta

8th January 2018, 09:17
Interested in one, but if I count correctly I just missed them :(
So I'll only send a PM when one will still be available.

8th January 2018, 09:18
interested in 1 if still available

8th January 2018, 09:26
payment done for one, awaiting shipping :-)

8th January 2018, 12:28
Thank you all for your interest! I'm happy that the pricing was right :)
PM's sent to Sveta, Blindgerman, BULI, nobodyii and maikt.
Payment received from Lord.
I'll have to double check the weight and shipping cost for maikt and Patrikax, awaiting payment from the others.
Will contact Timmie and raketa if anyone withdraws.

8th January 2018, 12:46
Payment Done (65 EUR + 21EUR = 86 EUR)

Waiting for shipping :-)

8th January 2018, 12:55
Will contact Timmie and raketa if anyone withdraws.

Or maybe the people interested in multiple, are satisfied with one less :) Just hoping here, nothing else :D

8th January 2018, 14:02
PM sent to Patrikax and maikt with shipping cost for multiple items.

I'm leaving for work for a few days tomorrow afternoon, but if I have your payment latest tomorrow morning it will be posted before I leave.

8th January 2018, 14:05

Payment done. PM. Thanks.

Regards, Sveta

8th January 2018, 14:28
Or maybe the people interested in multiple, are satisfied with one less :) Just hoping here, nothing else :D

I am ok with two.

PM sent to Patrikax and maikt with shipping cost for multiple items.

I'm leaving for work for a few days tomorrow afternoon, but if I have your payment latest tomorrow morning it will be posted before I leave.

Payment for two sent.

8th January 2018, 14:59
Payment status updated in first post.
One adapter generously offered to Timmie by Patrikax :) (PM sent)

8th January 2018, 15:49
Wow, thanks so very much Patrikax!!! PM answered. Will followup on payment later tonight.

8th January 2018, 18:10
Payment done for two.

8th January 2018, 19:01
payment done!

8th January 2018, 20:27
Payment done.

8th January 2018, 22:08
All payments received.
The adapters are packed and ready for shipping tomorrow.
Thanks guys! :)

9th January 2018, 13:36
Leaving for post office shortly.
Patrikax - if you read this, please send me your address! :)

9th January 2018, 19:03
7 of 8 packages sent.
Tracking info sent by PM to those who paid for tracking.

11th January 2018, 13:02
So for me as a SCSI n00b to connect the Acard to the CSPPC I need a ribbon cable with for of these connectors? https://www.cablestogo.com/learning/connector-guides/scsi#68-pin Sometimes called SCSI-3, correct? And 2 activate terminations.

Like this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/37-Ultra-2-SCSI-Twist-N-Flat-68-pin-LVD-3-Drive-Internal-Ribbon-Cable-FS-203/270836495161?hash=item3f0f1cf339:g:HVwAAOSwx-9WznSK

11th January 2018, 15:12
Yes, as the CS MK3/PPC does not supply termination, you should get a four (or more) connector cable and two active SE (single ended) terminators.
If you consider an LVD cable with integrated terminator(s), you need to check that the terminators are LVD/SE, not just LVD.

15th January 2018, 14:10
Package arrived- now, i need few days for tests- thanks :-)

15th January 2018, 16:33

Delivered today. Great condition. Quick test with MK III. Great. Thanks.

Regards, Sveta

17th January 2018, 14:35
After test.

ACARD works fine, and fast with my CS MK1- thanks.

I have only problem with second drive, HDD or CD-ROM. All units are visible in early- boot menu but they don't start (don't boot up) correctly- I will fight with this issue.


Of course, positive FeedBack for you :-)

19th January 2018, 22:57
Acard arrived few days ago already, but only had time today to pick it up. All seems fine. No idea when I get to test it. i still need cables & terminators. Thanks a lot frodegh. Leaving feedback after posting this.

20th January 2018, 10:39
Glad to hear they are arriving safely.
Feedback received and returned for Sveta, Nobodyii, BULI and Timmie.

Buli: Sorry to hear your have some issues. Not sure why drives would show up in early boot but then disappear. Are these IDE or SCSI units?

20th January 2018, 11:51
Are these IDE or SCSI units?

These are SCSI drives (HDD or CD-ROM).

20th January 2018, 12:36
Arrived and positive feedback left!

25th January 2018, 22:49
I hope everybody received their packages by now.

BULI: Did you figure out your issue?

29th January 2018, 16:56
Did you figure out your issue?

I have plan to test this combinations on different SCSI controller, like SCSI on Blizzard PPC, but now my A1200 is still disassembled :-(

29th January 2018, 23:29
Package received today, thanks! :)

5th February 2018, 14:42
Did you figure out your issue?

I found solution (on my CS MK1 + SCSI).
Closed jumper DELAY on A-CARD helped :-)

Now, A-card with CF-Adapter and CD-ROM SCSI are working together :-)