View Full Version : Wanted Toastrack Case and heatsink

8th January 2018, 21:25
a) toastrack case
b) toastrack heatsink

I have toastrack motherboard that had the usual ULA / ROM gutting. I decide to scoop it off the ebay tarmac and sorted the EPROM and ULA (SLAM) now I have some RAM to replace and recapping to do. At the end of all that it needs a shell and KB. I know folks say you can Hack a + case and use a TRACO reg, but its not ideal and I'd feel guilty about the + case. Given the motherboard size 'ears' its not going to go in the zxnew case (which would have been super no guilt hacking about there)

First post a bit of a meander tails off into the distance eh...? Oh well :)