View Full Version : Sold Cyberstorm MK3 @ 80 MHz (downgraded PPC) 128MB for A4000

1st February 2018, 14:22
For sale my Cyberstorm PPC CPU card downgraded to MK3, bought here some months (years?) ago.

131252 131253 131254 131255

It features a full Motorola MC68060 Rev. 6 and 128MB RAM (32MB x 4 @ 50ns). CPU clock is 80 MHz.
I don't know why, but WhichAmiga doesn't recognize CPU clock (it reports 0 MHz!).
However you can see Sysinfo speed test.

I installed it in my A4000D but I'm not able to get a very stable system.
I don't know if it maybe a CPU card itself issue, or an A4000 mobo one (or if simply they do not want to live together...)
Sometime the system works great, other times it don't (reset, hangs)

I really have no time to play with these beautiful stuff, so I'm partially selling my Amiga collection.
I'd prefer to sell to SKILLED users that may use it and/or restore it if needed.

I ask 900,00 Euro + PP

I accept Paypal gift or IBAN.

For sale elsewhere too!

Thank you!


1st February 2018, 17:50
Interested, pending questions.

PM send

1st February 2018, 21:51
i had added this to the wanted list guess no one ever looks there 1st so interested


15th February 2018, 18:39
Recieved the card and all is as expected!


edit: Positive feedback left...