View Full Version : For Sale 4x Compaq 18.2GB SCSI (SCA) HD

9th February 2018, 23:59
For sale are four pieces of Compaq BF01864663 18.2GB SCSI(SCA) HDs, which I bought in 2017 as NOS from a very reliable source.

The HDs were running for about 3 hours all together, and were checked thoroughly yesterday. Using an adapter, they work on all Amiga SCSI controllers I could get my hands on (2xGVP, Oktagon).

Images of actual items:

Price: 30 EUR plus shipping per piece.

Shipping inside EU only. Please ask for shipping quote.

Payment per Paypal only, no deduction (ie buyer pays eventual fees).

Private sale. Guaranteed not DOA.

4th June 2018, 18:30
Still for sale.