View Full Version : Wanted localtalk bits

10th February 2018, 11:23
Hi folks
I want to get my mac classic talking to the rest of my vintage computers, so need bits to enable this. I've got a wallstreet powerbook, so I think I can use localtalk between them. Assuming I'm correct with this, I need a pair of the localtalk adapter cables that use phone cable. If I'm wrong, please point me in the right direction. Thanks :)

8th March 2018, 17:08
I have a vague recollection that two computers can be AppleTalked together directly using an 8-pin mini DIN to 8-pin mini DIN printer cable - the full-on AppleTalk kit is only required if you need to network multiple computers, or need to network over long distances (I think AppleTalk was supposed to work at up to about 1000m!)